JLG X15J Plus

The JLG X15J Plus is a compact rubber-tracked compact crawler boom lift that can easily handle heavy-duty work sites. The tracked tracks make it easy to climb slopes and the narrow body allows it to easily get through the door of a family home, helping you get the job done.


Technical data

We’ve summarized the shift data for the JLG X15J Plus compact crawler boom lift. If there’s data you need but don’t see it in the specifications, please contact us!

Working height: 15.40 metres

Platform dimensions: 0.69 m x 1.34 m

Load capacity: 230 kg

Rotation: 360°

Diameter of the outriggers: 2.88 x 2.88 metres

Maximum travelling speed 2.5 km/h

Machine width: 0.75 metres (without basket)

Machine length for delivery (with basket): 4.02 metres

Machine height: 1.99 metres

Total weight: 1 910 kg

Gradeability: 28%

Power: wired electric or diesel engine

Tires: rubber tracks, non-marking

Use: indoor/outdoor

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