Building and construction

In the construction industry, accuracy and efficiency are key. Our lifting and handling equipment can help you ensure accurate and efficient work.

Featured disciplines:
Construction of industrial halls
Steel construction
Construction of concrete structures
Factory construction
Area of use

Our machines provide precise positioning for the construction of industrial halls, helping to ensure accurate installation of mechanical systems. They facilitate the precise positioning of heavy elements in steel frame construction. For the construction of factory and machine lines, forklifts and load handling equipment ensure optimum equipment movement. For drywall and façade construction, articulated telescopic boom lifts provide a stable base for working at height. For the installation of roof structures and skylights, our personnel and load lifting machines enable precise work. For the construction of building services, they help precise installation and accurate positioning.

Telescopic boom lifts
  • Height and access: boom lifts allow you to work in higher places, such as halls, building facades or woodworking activities. They allow workers to reach hard-to-reach areas easily and safely.
    Variability. They can be flexibly adapted to different industries and projects.
  • Variability: different sizes and capacities of boom lifts are available to adapt to the needs of different projects and work areas. They are flexible for use in different industries and projects.
Articulated-telescopic boom lifts
  • Mobility: articulated personnel lifts are highly manoeuvrable and easy to manoeuvre, allowing them to work in congested or narrow areas, such as urban environments or construction sites.
  • Difficult terrain with ease: the articulated personnel carriers’ strong wheels and terrain capability allow them to work in areas with challenging ground conditions.
Rotating telehandlers
  • Full rotation: the pivot design allows the machine to rotate fully, which is particularly useful in narrow or congested work areas.
  • Working from high places: telescopic stackers allow long lifting heights, giving workers the opportunity to reach higher parts of the hall. This is particularly important when tall structures need to be installed or maintenance work carried out.
Fixed telehandlers
  • Material handling and transport: telescopic handlers can also lift and transport heavy or large materials, which helps to optimise workflows and minimise working time.
  • Warehousing: telescopic stackers assist in warehousing processes in the hall, allowing access to higher shelves and accurate and efficient movement of materials.

These hoists not only provide efficiency but also safety, contributing to the successful completion of construction projects.

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