Rotating telehandlers

A good choice for any building site. Thanks to their excellent terrain adaptability, they work efficiently and reliably on a wide range of terrain with any attachment (fork, winch, crane boom, basket). Challenges such as working heights up to 30 metres and loads up to 6,000 kg are not a problem, so even the most complex construction situations can be easily solved.

Thanks to their 360-degree rotation and telescopic boom system, they have optimal manoeuvring and positioning capabilities. Their powerful lifting capacity enables them to lift and move heavy loads safely, making them perfectly suited to construction or material handling tasks. The robust design and advanced safety systems provide maximum protection for both the machine and the operator. And the comfortable cab and intuitive control systems ensure easy operation and excellent control, optimising workflow in the most demanding conditions.

Rotating telehandlers

The weights shown may vary depending on the year and equipment.

TypeWorking heightCapacityTransport dimensions
MRT 1840 EASY17.90 m4.00 t6.27 m2.40 m2.97 m13670 kgRészletek
MRT 1845 VISION18.00 m4.50 t6.60 m2.45 m3.04 m14100 kgRészletek
MRT 2145 Easy20.06 m4.50 t6.60 m2.50 m3.02 m14530 kgRészletek
MRT 2150 PRIV21.00 m5.00 t7.98 m2.43 m3.05 m16095 kgRészletek
MRT 2260 VISION+21.80 m6.00 t6.97 m2.50 m3.09 m18000 kgRészletek
MRT 2545 EASY24.70 m4.50 t7.06 m2.50 m3.02 m15540 kgRészletek
MRT 2550 PRIV24.70 m5.00 t7.84 m2.49 m3.06 m18900 kgRészletek
MRT 2660 VISION+25.90 m6.00 t8.08 m2.50 m3.10 m18000 kgRészletek
MRT 3060 VISION+29.90 m6.00 t7.94 m2.50 m3.10 m21800 kgRészletek
MRT 3060 VISION+34.70 m7.00 t10.06 m2.50 m3.26 m24000 kgRészletek

*Special rotating telehandlers

The weights shown may vary depending on the year and equipment.

* Machine available within the group, extra delivery charge expected

TypeWorking heightCapacityTransport dimensions
MRT 254024.60 m4.00 t7.82 m2.43 m3.05 m17450 kg
MRT -X 255024.70 m5.00 t7.84 m2.49 m3.05 m18900 kg
MRT 247024.80 m7.00 t8.75 m2.49 m3.05 m17450 kg
MRT 305029.70 m5.00 t9.02 m2.49 m3.05 m22860 kg
MRT 325531.60 m7.20 t8.50 m2.50 m3.20 m23986 kg

Manitou’s MRT series of rotating telehandlers are at the top of the range of versatile and high-performance machines, easily adapting to different working environments. Thanks to their 360-degree rotation capability and telescopic lift arm design, these machines offer unbeatable manoeuvrability and precise positioning on the job site.

With a strong lifting capacity, these pivoting telescopic handlers handle heavy loads with ease, making them ideal for construction and material handling applications. The solid design and built-in safety features provide optimum protection for both the machine and operators, guaranteeing a safe working environment.

They have an extremely good grip, can cope with slopes up to 40% thanks to their four-wheel drive, and the spider grapple provides stability on the most varied terrain.

Rotating telehandlers are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of sectors, which are detailed below. 

  • Construction: ideal for the construction and renovation of tall buildings, allowing workers to work confidently and efficiently at height
  • Material handling: excellent for lifting, moving and positioning heavy and high loads, including steel, timber, bricks and other building materials.
  • Logistics and warehousing: telescopic arms and rotating attachment allow efficient loading and material handling in warehouses and logistics centres
  • Energy industry: can be used for installation works, such as electricity-related works or installation projects.
  • Decorating: excellent for painting, wallpapering or decorative work, as they allow artists to easily reach higher parts of the wall
  • Service industry: roto telehandlers are ideal for the maintenance of antenna, lamp posts or other infrastructure elements
  • Urban landscaping: suitable for urban planning and landscape architecture projects where working at height is required
  • Turret rotation: the top of the machines can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing workers to easily reach in any direction, increasing accessibility to the work area.
  • Telescopic jib: Telescopic jibs can be extended and retracted as required, allowing the machines to lift and position loads up to 30 metres high on the work area.
  • Powerful engines: thanks to their powerful diesel engines, these roto telenadlers can lift up to 6 tonnes, while maintaining precise control over your loads.
  • Stability and safety: advanced safety features such as obstacle sensors and stabilisation systems maximise the safety of machines and operators.
  • Off-road performance: all-wheel drive and off-road capability allow the machines to operate efficiently on a wide range of terrain.

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