Trailer mounted working platforms

Light and compact – that’s the simplest way to sum up this type of machine. Easy to transport, it does not require a trailer, just a transport vehicle with a tow hitch and a sufficient total weight. They are ideal for use in areas where the working area changes frequently, with hydraulic outriggers for quick and easy installation.

Trailer mounted working platforms

The weights shown may vary depending on the year and equipment.

TypeWorking heightCapacityTransport dimensions
Nifty 120 T
12.20 m200 kg4.50 m1.50 m1.90 m1400 kgRészletek
Nifty 17017.10 m200 kg6.20 m1.65 m2.15 m2160 kgRészletek
TZ-50/30DC16.92 m200 kg7.16 m1.68 m2.08 m2200 kgRészletek

A trailer mounted working platform is an aerial platform with articulated boom on a rigid steel structure, which can be transported in traffic on its own wheels by a towing hook. They are operated by a hydraulic or electric lifting mechanism and are stabilised by outriggers.

Trailer mounted working platforms are used in a wide range of sectors, including construction, installation, maintenance and woodworking. Their flexible design allows them to adapt to a wide variety of work processes and environments. This type of boom lift is ideal for building maintenance outdoors on uneven terrain (e.g. roadway curbs) and indoors in multi-storey facilities with high ceilings.

  • Simple transport
  • Working height of 17 metres
  • Can be safely positioned on uneven work surfaces

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