Telescopic boom lifts

When working at great heights that force the worker to adopt a particularly dangerous working position, it is important to take the worker directly to the working zone. These basket-type lifting machines extend straight forwards without any obstruction, so they can not only position the worker vertically but also horizontally to carry out his work as safely and efficiently as possible.

Diesel telescopic boom lifts

The weights shown may vary depending on the year and equipment.

TypeWorking heightCapacityTransport dimensions
S 65 4 WD21.80 m227 kg7.60 m2.49 m2.72 m10451 kgRészletek
S 65 XC21.81 m454 kg9.70 m2.58 m2.82 m11412 kgRészletek
S 85 4 WD27.90 m227 kg11.60 m2.50 m2.80 m17236 kgRészletek
S 85 XC27.74 m454 kg12.37 m2.49 m2.80 m17917 kgRészletek
S 10534.00 m227 kg14.02 m2.49 m3.07 m18144 kgRészletek
SX 105 XC34.00 m454 kg14.25 m3.94 m3.05 m20700 kgRészletek
S 12540.15 m227 kg12.17 m2.49 m3.07 m20248 kgRészletek
SX 125 XC40.10 m454 kg14.25 m3.94 m3.05 m20700 kgRészletek
SX 135 XC43.15 m454 kg19.76 m2.40 m3.05 m21546 kgRészletek
SX 15048.33 m340 kg13.00 m2.49 m3.05 m22657 kgRészletek

*Special diesel telescopic boom lifts

The weights shown may vary depending on the year and equipment.

* Machine available within the group, extra delivery charge expected

TypeWorking heightCapacityTransport dimensions
SX 135 XC43.15 m454 kg19.76 m2.49 m3.05 m21546 kgRészletek
SX 15048.33 m340 kg13.00 m2.49 m3.05 m22657 kgRészletek
SX 18056.80 m340 kg14.38 m2.49 m3.05 m24498 kgRészletek
JLG 1350SJP43.15 m227 kg14.89 m2.49 m3.05 m20411 kg
JLG 1500SJ47.70 m227 kg14.82 m2.49 m3.05 m21773 kgRészletek
JLG 1850SJ58.56 m227 kg14.57 m2.48 m3.06 m27351 kgRészletek

A telescopic boom lift has a mast that extends in a straight line by using one or more telescoping boom sections. This design gives you the vertical reach you need to access overhead jobs, while also providing outstanding horizontal reach.

Telescopic boom lifts can require more space to operate compared to articulating models, though they often reach higher and allow you to access work from a distance. This is especially helpful on job sites where difficult terrain or immovable obstacles prevent close-up access to structures.

Several people can work safely at height, as the load capacity of the basket ranges from 227 kg to 454 kg.

Rotatability is also important in these machines, thanks to the 360-degree rotating turntable: this ensures full access to tall buildings.

When you need to work around different angles on crowded job sites, it’s important to have the right piece of equipment to get you straight to the source. Telescopic boom lifts are ideal for work that requires extended horizontal and vertical outreach. 

They are also ideal for outdoor work that requires greater horizontal and/or vertical reach. This is useful to work on uneven surfaces or sites with immovable obstacles that make close access to structures difficult or impossible.

Considering that the weight of these boom lifts is 10 tonnes or more, they should only be used on horizontal surfaces with a load capacity that can bear this level of pressure – not recommended for paved surfaces, for example – and that there should be no manholes or gas, water or sewer lines under the work area.

For the same reason, only one telescopic boom lift can be safely transported on a trailer.

  • working height up to 58 metres
  • 24 metres horizontal outreach
  • 360° rotation
  • Four-wheel drive

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