We deliver our stocked equipment quickly and reliably to the desired site of operation.

We have achieved dynamic growth in the supply of machinery to our domestic customers over the past years. To this end, we have our own fleet of vehicles and subcontract our over-capacity deliveries.

mateco plans the delivery of rental machines

If you rent from mateco, we also have our own specialists to take care of the transportation. Customers want to have the lifting equipment on site as quickly as possible, but when planning the route, several factors need to be taken into account to ensure a fast and safe delivery. Such factors include:

  • The quality of the road,
  • The height of bridges and overpasses,
  • Permanent or temporary traffic restrictions for heavy goods vehicles, lorries and towing vehichles in certain areas,

all affect the length and cost-effectiveness of the road.

From departure to arrival, mateco will plan the exact route and delivery procedure!

The mateco transport fleet

Thanks to our own EURO6 vehicles, the delivery of machines ordered and rented is flexible and adaptable to customer needs, and our drivers have the knowledge and experience to operate the machines.


In terms of distribution:

3 5-axle trailers with a total weight of 40t
1 lorry with 4-axles and a total weight of 36t
3 3-axle lorries with a total weight of 26t
1 2-axle lorry with a total weight of 12t

Route optimisation

Rising fuel prices over the past few decades have forced logistics and distribution companies to plan their transport routes and schedules more efficiently. Traditional route planning methods do not address the real-time events that affect businesses every day.

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    Advantages of own transport assets

    In addition to our ‘basic’ transport processes, we can handle general and exceptional needs with a high degree of flexibility and in the most cost-effective way possible.

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    All members of our team work as one to solve urgent transport challenges or unexpected transport difficulties.

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    Our drivers all have the appropriate driving licences and operator’s certificates, which are prerequisites for safe and reliable work.

Any further questions?

If there is any further information you need before you make a decision, we are ready to help! We welcome any questions/requests you may have via the Contact Us section!