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Growth continues, with the clear aim of increasing both the number of machines and the number of employees, and maintaining our market leadership! We see the positive effects of attracting new talent! We value our talented, young colleagues and are proud to present a company that has the staying power to retain the younger generation.

Employee reviews

Attila Vastag
Attila VastagDriver
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"I've been with mateco since July 2002, so I'm now in my 20th year as a truck driver. I have experienced a lot of changes in almost two decades. Relocations, moves, always to a bigger, better place. Changes in machinery and means of transport to meet growing needs. In the meantime, the number of employees has slowly increased, and the diversity of the machinery has become clearer. Mateco has become a competitive, world-class company. We work in a clean, modern environment with the right tools for the job. Training is also constantly provided by mateco's international background. mateco-Hungary presented a long-term plan when it merged into the group with a presence in 15 countries. The harmony between the different units of mateco and the common goals give even more impetus to achieve daily success."
Gizella Király
Gizella KirályRental representative
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"If there's a career path within a company, mine really is: I came in as a replacement during the 2020 holiday period, during which time I was offered a job - I was happy to stay and work in several positions. Currently, as a member of the sales team, my areas of expertise are facilities management, operations and the film industry. The field requires speed, efficiency and maximum reliability. These core values are also present at the company level, so I can say that I experience the "joy of work" on a daily basis. Together as a team, we show every day what we can do. I will continue to work to further support my line manager and my colleagues, further strengthening the company's credibility in the business world."
Diána Makrai
Diána MakraiService administrator
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"I joined mateco in August 2021 as a member of the service support team to organise the exams required to operate the machines. I was given a job that really suits me, as it's varied, every day is a little different, I'm in contact with subcontractors and our own technicians. I also make very good use of my organisational skills and my ability to react quickly. I arrived at a time when mateco was experiencing intense growth, I was already part of the process reengineering. From day one, I felt that mateco was a family company, and over time I made friends and developed good relationships with the other departments. Here you are recognised when you do a good job, you are recognised for your potential and there are opportunities to develop and grow your professional experience."
Judit Huszár
Judit HuszárHR and GDPR Coordinator
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"It's incredible to think that I started working for the company almost 20 years ago (in 2004). First as a secretary, then as an office manager, and finally, after the birth of my child, I was given the opportunity to take on the role of HR and GDPR coordinator. Whatever the position, whatever the task, it was always important to me to do my job to the best of my ability. It is a real personal success for me if I can give something extra to my colleagues and help them. One of the most important values for me is to be able to work in a good team. I believe that people who are helpful and who like to work will find their place here."
Andrea Níeste
Andrea NíesteService Relations Team Leader
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"I'm in my eighth year at mateco and I'm just as happy to come to work today as I was on my first day! When I arrived in 2016, everything was completely different: mountains of paper looking for machine sheets and working with excel spreadsheets - it had its charms... but we're moving with the times! I've been part of introducing the new system, developing new workflows - and today I wouldn't give anything that we can run with 2000 machines for anything. I'm never bored, no two days are the same: you need good organisational, networking and collaboration skills. Besides work, I also have time and energy for sport - I wouldn't give it up for anything! I can see that we need each other here, I feel listened to, and my manager is willing to help and support me. It's rare to find a company like this. I would like to retire from here!"
Tibor Garami
Tibor GaramiRental representative
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I joined mateco in August 2016 with an interest in technical content, a love of machines and a degree in commerce. As soon as I joined, I could see that there was an opportunity for continuous development, as the company was growing rapidly and there were huge changes taking place. To this day, we are an active part of the development, which requires a lot of independent thinking and working, while getting all the support we need to succeed. Our projects are colourful and interesting because our partners cover many fields, from construction, logistics and manufacturing to the film industry, so it can be a success on a complex project if we can find the right machine to help our hirer do his job most efficiently. I love that the commercial team is so cohesive, we're on the same page and have a good relationship with the other departments!
Bálint Szabó
Bálint SzabóBusiness Development Specialist
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“When I started at mateco as an intern 3 years ago, I did not know what to expect. I cut right to the chase and started a steep learning curve on the relatively recently implemented ERP systems in order to be able to fulfil my support role the best way possible. Both my team and our experienced leader helped me greatly in this and I found a good fit in the support team. Constant challenges, creative problem solving and ensuring the steadiness of operations from the background: these are the hallmarks of our work. An exciting, diverse and challenging job which requires our expertise and working together, as a unit. And to everyone's delight, this is all coordinated by an excellent leader at the heart of our team, who gives us firm guidance but also freedom in carrying out our tasks, thus allowing our creative skills to unfold. This special relationship and stimulating environment we have has allowed me to grow both professionally and as an individual during my years here and my take is that the future holds even more challenges and growth for us.”

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We believe in the skills and commitment of our colleagues.

Over the past 22 years, we have achieved our market-leading position through fast and accurate service, together with a talented workforce that is willing and able to deliver results.

The secret of our success for more than two decades:

  • We have a network covering the entire country,
  • With 10 locations, we’re always where you need us.

Our representatives will consult with you on the spot, ensuring you have the most suitable machine for the job.Presence is the magic word that has been proven in practice.

Open positions

We currently have the following open positions for ambitious professionals, including the younger generation, who have the opportunity to join a dynamic team.
We work with a number of university students through our internship programmes, where you can develop your professional skills. We provide our rental services to our clients in a friendly atmosphere, yet with a professional standard.

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