In the world of logistics, speed and flow are paramount. Our people and goods handling machines help you to move materials efficiently, distribute goods and store them.

Featured disciplines:
Material handling
Area of use

For material handling, they provide precise and efficient lifting, allowing precise handling of heavier and larger pallets or materials. For goods distribution, the machines help move products quickly and safely, increasing service speed and efficiency. In warehousing, load handling machines allow products to be placed on higher shelves, maximising the utilisation of warehouse space. In inventory, precise positioning helps to ensure faster and more accurate inventory processes, minimising the possibility of human error. These machines increase the efficiency and accuracy of logistical processes, contributing to faster and smoother goods handling and delivery.

Articulated-telescopic boom lifts
  • Reaching high places: articulated telescopic assembly baskets allow workers to reach high places, such as above production lines or high shelves in logistics warehouses. This is essential for maintenance, assembly or refurbishment work in factories and warehouses.
  • Easy manoeuvrability: the articulated structure allows easy manoeuvrability of the assembly baskets without environmental obstacles, ideal for work in confined areas of industrial buildings.
Rotating telehandlers
  • High lift height: telescopic handlers can lift high, allowing you to reach goods at great heights, which is key when working on high warehouse shelves or production lines.
  • Full rotation: the slewing column design allows the machine to rotate fully, which is particularly useful in narrow or congested work areas. This increases the manoeuvrability of the machine and allows you to work in areas where other machines have difficulty accessing.
Forklift trucks
  • Flexible material handling: forklifts allow you to move goods stored in the warehouse easily and efficiently. These machines are suitable for lifting, transporting and storing pallets.
  • Precise manoeuvrability: forklift trucks are easy to manoeuvre, so they can be positioned precisely in narrow warehouse aisles or between production lines.

Together, these machines contribute to fast and efficient material handling, work at height and efficient warehouse operations across the entire logistics chain.

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