Special working platforms

Könnyű súly, masszív felépítés, hosszú kinyúlás. Ezek jellemzik röviden az itt szereplő speciális gépeket. Kompakt méretük és gumilánctalpas felépítésük lehetővé teszi, hogy a legváltozatosabb terepen is megállják a helyüket.

Compact crawler boom lifts

TypeWorking heightCapacityTransport dimensions
JLG X15J Plus15.40 m230 kg4.02 m0.75 m1.99 m1910 kgRészletek
JLG X20J Plus20.05 m230 kg5.00 m0.80 m2.00 m2840 kgRészletek
JLG X26J Plus25.70 m230 kg6.34 m0.99 m1.98 m4365 kgRészletek
LEO 35T*35.50 m200 kg8.18 m1.58 m1.98 m4850 kg
LEO 36T*35.50 m200 kg8.18 m1.58 m1.98 m4900 kg

* Machine available within the group, extra delivery charge expected

These compact, well-built machines are equipped with strong undercarriage and rubber tracks that allow them to climb or stand on varied terrain, up to 30%. Thanks to their levelling system, they can be put into operation quickly and easily. They are normally powered by a diesel engine, but can be operated indoors with an extension cable. Their extremely narrow design allows them to fit through doors narrower than 1 metre. Despite their light weight, they can reach a working height of up to 35 metres.

Thanks to the rubber tracks, it can also be used safely on sensitive floors, for example for the maintenance of indoor monuments and shopping centres. Their light weight also allows them to be used on structurally suitable slabs. They can climb up and down slopes of up to 30% with the help of their chain feet.

  • The narrow chassis makes it easy to fit into tight spaces
  • Easy levelling on the most varied terrain
  • Rubber tracks do not damage even delicate floors
  • 360° rotation

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