Aerial lift operator training

Decree No 54/2021 (xl. 5) of the Minister of Innovation and Technology on the training and examination of operators of machines used in the road transport sector. According to the decree, operators of lifting machinery must have undergone a specialised training course and passed an operator’s examination.

The training required to obtain an operator’s licence is provided by mateco for its partners!

🇭🇺 The language of instruction is Hungarian!

The training required to obtain an operator’s licence is provided by mateco for its partners! We provide the right support in both training and examinations!

  • The training consists of a theoretical and a practical training component, with curricular and examination requirements as set out below:
  • the theoretical part
    • general occupational safety and first aid,
    • general operating and technological knowledge
    • specialised machine-specific knowledge
  • the practical training part
    • machine operation training
    • knowledge of occupational safety and accident prevention

The operator exam consists of two parts:

  • theoretical test task – classroom
  • practical test – machine operation

During the examination, the candidate will demonstrate his/her knowledge of the general and specific machinery group as defined in the syllabus and examination requirements.

The content of the examination will be fully covered, both theoretical and practical.

Our aim is that those who entrust themselves to the mateco team during their training will face the exam with confidence!

The operator’s licence includes

  • the serial number of the operator’s licence,
  • the name of the issuing body,
  • the holder’s natural identity and a copy of his/her facial image,
  • the date of the driving test and the registration number,
  • the code number of the category of machinery covered by the licence in accordance with this Regulation,
  • the place and date of issue of the licence,
  • the signature and stamp of the body issuing the licence,
  • and details of medical fitness.

The operator’s licence shall contain

  • prior medical fitness -> the examination centre,
  • periodic medical fitness -> by the examining doctor.

The entry includes:

  • the fact and final date of compliance with the medical condition for operating machinery,
  • the name and medical stamp number of the medical practitioner who assessed the periodic medical fitness,
  • and the signature and stamp of the person making the entry.

However, the good news is that all the above information and the issuing of the driving licence are provided and arranged by the test centre!

  • Earth-moving machinery
  • Forklift trucks
  • Personal lifting equipment and work platforms
  • Loaders

For prices and current exam dates, please contact us at +36 24 222 222 or write to us at szerviz(at) Our partner training institute holds the qualification exams on the same day.

🇭🇺 The language of instruction is Hungarian!

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