The Dingli JCPT3214DC is one of the large, all-electric scissor workbenches that can be used in confined spaces.

Technicians working on the JCPT3214DC scissor lift are protected by modern technology when working at height: self-closing gates, automatic braking system, explosion-proof system, tilt alarm, emergency pump and many other improvements contribute to safe and efficient working. This scissor lift can be safely used for industrial and commercial applications on uneven ground.

Purely electric machine!

Professionals working on the JCPT3214DC scissor lift are protected by modern technology during work at height: self-closing gates, automatic braking system, explosion-proof system, tilt alarm, emergency pump and many other developments contribute to safe and efficient work.

General characteristics of electric scissor-type assembly stands

For many people, the use of electric vehicles and machinery is a matter of principle, but for scissor lifts it is more of a practical issue.

 Electric machines can be operated with minimal emissions, making them ideal for use in confined spaces. Another consideration is that electric machines also have lower noise emissions, so they do not generate as much noise as diesel machines in enclosed spaces. This also makes them suitable for indoor building maintenance tasks, whether in department stores, trade fairs, sports halls or even in large health care facilities.

 We offer our self-propelled scissor lifts to our customers for indoor use. With our electrically powered scissor lifts, your colleagues can do their work more precisely and safely. This helps you to work faster and more efficiently.

 Whether it’s warehousing or construction, choosing a self-propelled scissor lift that can be operated from the basket can save your employees valuable time and energy. It also makes moving around a snap, without having to interrupt their attention.


The Dingli JCPT3214DC is a purely electric powered machine: it does not cause any noise pollution and has zero emissions. The unidirectional extended platform allows quick access to the point of operation and can be driven up to full height. Thanks to its four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, it is suitable for working in confined spaces. It also offers great performance in off-road terrain. With an overall width of only 1.40 metres, it can easily navigate narrow work areas. 

Dingli JCPT3214DC is ideal for general construction work, tiling, architectural glazing, general building maintenance.

Advantages of its use

The Dingli JCPT 3214DC purely electric powered scissor lift with its large capacity, long-life battery is an excellent choice for working at height for up to 2 people! With a load capacity of 750 kilograms, it can be driven at full height when extended.

  • 1.

    High capacity, long-life battery

  • 2.

    Suitable for work in sensitive environments

  • 3.

    Four-wheel drive and steering

  • 4.

    Great off-road performance, automatic levelling system

  • 5.

    Large sized platform

  • 6.

    Automatically levelling hydraulic outriggers

  • 7.

    Equipped with on-board fault diagnostics

  • 8.

    Platform load detection system

The machine is purely electrically operated

  • The battery provides 80V DC and 520Ah of power.
  • Maximum tank capacity required to operate the hydraulics: 220 litres.


We have summarized the technical data of the JCPT3214DC Electric scissor lift. If there is any data you need, but you don’t see it in the specifications, please contact us!

Maximum Working Height: 32.00 m

Platform Height: 30.00 m

Platrform Capacity with Operator: 750 Kg

Maximum Occupants: 2 staff

Platform Extensibility: 1.90 m

Platformx max. Length: 7.75  m

Platform Width: 1.20 m

Platform Length: 5.85 m

Overall Width: 1.40 m

Overall Length: 6.41 m

Overall Height: (in case of scissors, with a lowered barrier): 3.17 m

Overall Weight:  22 200 Kg (may vary depending on equipment)

Gradeability: 30%

Wheelbase: 4.87 m

Ground Clearance: 0.19 m

Power: Electric

Turning Radius Outside: 3.50 m

Drive Speed: 1.5 Km/h

TireType: non-marking tire

Use: indoor/outdoor

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