GS 4390 RT

Diesel powered scissor lift provides a distinct strategic advantage outdoors
  • Our diesel scissor lifts are recommended for outdoor use due to the fuel consumption.  If you need to work in an outdoor loading bay or on an outdoor site, this is the right choice.
  • You don’t have to give up the benefits and convenience of scissor lifts outdoors. With scissor lifts that can also be controlled from the platform, your staff can concentrate on their tasks while changing positions.
  • Some of our outdoor diesel scissor lifts are designed to remain stable and safe in the most varied ground conditions, thanks to their larger wheels, to protect the safety of your colleagues. They can usually be lifted higher, so they have even sturdier handrails and safety guards to allow you to work safely.

Benefits of using

A tough, sturdy construction designed for construction work, suitable for walking and working on uneven, demanding, rough terrain.

  • 1.

    The GS 4390 RT diesel scissor lift is a folding self-propelled scissor lift with a lockable steel frame aluminium platform, which offers an extension of 1.52 m at the front and 1.22 m at the rear thanks to the double sliding deck

  • 2.

    The four-wheel drive oscillating axle machine can safely negotiate 50% slopes thanks to foam-filled tyres designed for rough, uneven terrain and positive traction control

  • 3.

    The self-propelled scissor lift has a maximum speed of 8 km/h, 1.1 km/h with the platform extended

  • 4.

    AC power is provided on the platform

  • 5.

    Providing safe working conditions for 7 people, the Genie GS 4390 RT diesel scissor lift offers a maximum working height of 15.11 m and a maximum load capacity of 680 kg (safe lifting capacity with extended work platform 227 kg.)

Tank capacity

  • The fuel tank can hold 113.6 litres of diesel.
  • Maximum tank capacity required to operate the hydraulics: 113.6 litres.

Technical data

We have summarized the shift data for the Genie GS 4390 RT diesel scissor lift. If there is data you need but don’t see it in the specifications, please contact us!

Working height: 15.11 metres

Platform height: 13.11 metres

Load capacity with operator: 680 kg

Basket only: 454 kg

Extension only: 227 kg

Maximum occupancy: 7 people

Platform extensibility: 4.8 + 1,52 + 1.22 metres

Maximum platform length: 7.50 metres

Platform width: 1.83 metres

Platform length: 4.80 metres

Overall width: 2.29 metres

Overall length with transport outriggers: 4.88 metres

Length with outriggers: 4.88 metres

Overall Width at outriggers: 2.29 metres

Overall height (with guardrail down): 2.25 metres

Overall height (with handrail): 2.93 metres

Overall Weight with outriggers: 7 163 kg / may vary depending on equipment

Gradeability: 50%

Wheelbase: 2,84 metres

Ground Celarence: 0.36 metres

Power: diesel

Turning radius / external: 5.33 metres

Use: outdoor

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