Still RX 60-25

Still RX 60-25 electric forklift – speed and power in a highly manoeuvrable ‘muscle machine’!

Purely electrical machine!

Still RX 60-25 electric forklift for indoor construction, maintenance and installation work on flat ground and in confined spaces.

General features of the Still RX 60-25/35 electric forklift
  • The RX 60-25/35 electric forklift will immediately impress operators with its ideal combination of power, ergonomics, manoeuvrability and efficiency.
  • The RX 60-25/35 boasts optimum rotation speeds in weight categories up to 2.5 t.
  • With this intralogistic muscle machine, you can reach speeds of up to 21 km/h.
  • What’s more, the RX 60-25/35 also excels in terms of range: it offers the longest possible journey on a single charge.
  • The Still RX 60 electric forklift models are equipped with HFX” chargers; the high-frequency, high-efficiency system is currently the most advanced fast charger on the market.
  • It allows for a full charge in up to 6.5-7 hours; because the charger is electrolyte-circulated (air bubbles are injected into the battery during charging), charging is faster and more efficient than previous technologies.

Benefits of using

Speed and efficiency are essential in all areas of logistics, and these two needs are fully met by the Still RX 60-25 electric forklift with its low running costs, easy manoeuvrability, robust load capacity of up to 2500 kg and working height of 4.44 metres.

  • 1.

    Superelastic tires allow you to drive indoors without leaving a mark on demanding flooring and to go from outdoors to indoors.

  • 2.

    Working outdoors in all weather conditions is possible thanks to the enclosed cab.

  • 3.

    The cab of the electric forklift truck is safely accessible from the step with a non-slip surface.

  • 4.

    The spacious cab offers safe and comfortable working conditions, supported by an ergonomic design.

  • 5.

    Safe and accident-free load handling is also supported by unobstructed visibility.

  • 6.

    The battery not only eliminates the environmental impact of emissions, but also minimises noise levels, making the forklift suitable for indoor use in logistics centres, industrial facilities and other indoor areas with pedestrian traffic (sports halls, shopping centres).

  • 7.

    With hydraulic disc brakes, the Still RX 60 25 two-wheel drive electric forklift truck has a maximum speed of 18km/h and is agile and has excellent acceleration in sprint mode.

  • 8.

    With the optional Still Lithium-ion technology, battery replacement can be bypassed.

Tank capacity

  • The battery offers 80V supply voltage, 560-620Ah power supply.
  • Its power consumption is 6.7 KWh.

Technical data

We have summarized the shift data for the Still RX 60-25 electric forklift. If there is any data you need, but you don’t see it in the specifications, please contact us!

Working height (nominated): 2.87 – 7.54 metres

Load capacity: 2 500 kg

Machine height: 2.26 metres

Fork’s dimensions: 120 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm

Machine width: 2.45 metres

Machine length for delivery: 2.35 m + 1.00 m fork

Machine height: 2.21 metres

Total weight: 4 585 kg + 85 kg loader / may vary depending on equipment

Gradeability: 15%

Turning radius / external: 2.03 metres

Wheelbase: 1.59 metres

Ground Clearence: 0.13 metres

Power: battery

Maximum operators: 1 person

Tires: non-marking

Use: indoor

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