Doosan B50X-5

Doosan electric forklift trucks make moving goods as easy and efficient as possible.

Purely electrical machine!

Doosan B50X-5 electric front forklift for indoor construction, maintenance and installation work on flat ground and in confined spaces.

The easy-to-use Doosan electric forklift trucks are designed to be operated safely by a trained operator. In contrast to forklifts powered by an internal combustion engine, electric forklifts offer several advantages. Used mainly in warehouses, they do not emit harmful substances and are therefore extremely safe, while their quiet operation makes the working environment and working conditions more pleasant.

Doosan electric forklift trucks are characterised by reliability, long service life, and the batteries stand up well to use.

Designed for indoor work, the Doosan B50X-5 electric forklift with non-marking, hard tires is used for loading and moving goods.

Benefits of using

  • 1.

    The electric forklift has a maximum load capacity of 5 000 kg including operator, and can lift safely up to a working height of 5.153 metres.

  • 2.

    The maximum speed of the forklift is 15 km/h when loaded and 16 km/h unloaded. The lifting speed is 310 m/s when loaded and 450 m/s when unladen.

  • 3.

    The Doosan B50X-5’s grab capacity gives you 15% traction on loading ramps and slopes.

  • 4.

    The relatively slim body of 1.47 metres and the height of 2.34 metres allow you to quickly plan the transport of your electric forklift truck. (Length of the transport machine: 3.09 m + 1.10 m fork.)

  • 5.

    The Doosan B50X-5 electric forklift truck is available with three front fork configurations – STD, FF, FFT – which can affect the maximum lift height.

  • 6.

    In the fork configuration with full – free – lift (FF and FFT), the Doosan B50X-5 electric forklift can be used in work areas where overhead obstructions need to be taken into account, such as in low-rise buildings and for loading trailers and box trucks.

Tank capacity

  • The battery provides 80V AC supply voltage and 720Ah power supply.

Technical data

We have summarized the shift data of the Doosan B50X-5. If there is any data you need, but you don’t see it in the specifications, please contact us!

Working height: 3.30 metres

Load capacity: 5 000 kg

Machine height: 2.26 metres

Maximum operators: 1 person

Machine width: 1.47 metres

Machine length for delivery: 3.09 metres + 1.10 metres fork

Machine height: 2.34 metres

Total weight: 7 395 kg + 85 kg loader / may vary depending on equipment

Gradeability: 15%

Turning radius / external: 2.78 metres

Wheelbase: 2.00 metres

Ground Clearence: 0.13 metres

Power: battery

Tires: non-marking

Use: indoor

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