The ZA16JERT-Li is an all-electric machine that is particularly suited for accessing difficult-to-reach work areas up to a working height of 17.8 metres.

The ZA16JERT-Li Electric Articulating Telescopic Erection Work Platform is a basket lift with a robust appearance, yet quiet, emission-free operation. The high performance lithium battery has a long life and the motor is maintenance free.

 Its all-wheel drive and high ground clearance make it easy and simple to work on building facades or around terrain obstacles. The advanced dual control system (valve control + pump control) provides energy-saving, lightweight and efficient control for indoor use.

Purely electrical machine!

The ZA16JERT-Li Electric Articulating Telescopic Erector Work Platform Electric Articulating Telescopic Erector Work Platform for construction, maintenance and installation tasks on flat ground and in confined spaces.


Benefits of using it

  • 1.

    Precise and efficient drive system

  • 2.

    Maintenance-free engine

  • 3.

    4WD and steering

  • 4.

    0,36 m ground clearance for work on construction sites or rough terrain

  • 5.

    Indoor and outdoor use

  • 6.

    Dual control system

The machine is purely electric

  • The battery provides 48V DC and 315Ah of power.
  • Maximum tank capacity required to operate the hydraulics: 30 litres.

Technical data

We have summarized the technical data of the ZA16JERT-Li electric articulated telescopic work platform. If there is any data you need, but you don’t see it in the specifications, please contact us!

Maximum Working Height: 17,8 meter

Platform Height: 15,8 meter

Maximum Horizontal Outreach: 9,72 meter

Platrform Capacity with Operator: 250 Kg

Maximum number of staff: 1 people

Platform Width: 0,76 meter

Platform Length: 1,52 meter

Stowed Width: 2,3 meter

Stowed Length : 7,7 meter

Stowed Height: 2,23 meter

Gross Weight with outrigger (if it has): 7 300 Kg (may vary depending on equipment)

Gradeability: 45%

Wheelbase: 2,36 metres

Ground Clearance: 0.36 metres

Power: electric

Turning Radius Outside: 4,78 metres

Drive Speed: 5.4 Km/h

Tire type: non-marking / off-road / etc.

Use: indoor/outdoor/terrain

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