Mini cranes

These small power machines can help with any lifting job, capable of moving loads of up to 8 tonnes. Thanks to their tracked design, they can travel on any terrain without damaging the floor. With hydraulic outriggers, internal combustion engine or electric motor, they are the ideal solution for any job. They are ideal for moving glass, building wooden structures, steel structures, artworks, etc.

*Mini spider cranes

* Machine available within the group, extra delivery charge expected

TypeWorking heightCapacityTransport dimensions
B-350.111.80 m3.50 t2.82 m0.63 m1.38 m2300 kg
MC 2858.70 m2.80 t2.75 m0.75 m1.47 m1960 kg
MC 40516.80 m3.83 t4.98 m1.38 m1.98 m5600 kg
MC 81519.60 m8.00 t6.20 m1.74 m2.49 m9700 kg

By stabilizing the body with its four outriggers, lifts of up to 8.0t can be carried out. Even on a site with obstacles or on steps, outriggers make stable lifting work possible. The winch uses a disk brake which is highly durable for continuous use. Operations can be carried out for a long period of time from roof tops or construction sites. Accurate positioning of the load is possible with a single crane operative using the Remote Control.

Commonly used for construction, steel erection, or on jobsites requiring heavy lifting in confined spaces.
Due to their compact and light weight, mini spider cranes can be lifted up to a site by larger cranes or service elevators, then often used for various. construction works such as material handling and curtain wall lifting from inside buildings or on roof tops.

  • Light and compact body
  • Powerful operation (up to 8t capacity)
  • Durable winch
  • Rubber tracks

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